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What Dress For What Occasion
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Dresses are great for so many different occasions from casual picnics in the park to more formal parties and events. But how do you decide which dress to wear for which occasion? And can some dresses multitask or be adapted for different situations?

When the weather is hot a summer dress is the perfect solution to almost any outfit dilemma. There are so many different styles of summer dress available and they can be suitable for all sorts of different occasions. They are both cool and comfortable to wear with loose fitting styles in natural fabrics being the coolest option. For everyday wear a summer dress is ideal. Shift dresses are the best for work wear but they can also easily be converted into going out dresses with the clever addition of some heels and a few accessories or dressed down with ballet flats for a casual look. Maxi dresses, again are great for wearing in the day with a pair of gladiator sandals or glamming up for the evening with heels and a clutch. A simple style of maxi dress perhaps with a little embellishment also makes a great formal dress.

When it comes to going out dresses, the most versatile and timeless choice is the little black dress. The colour black is incredibly slimming and looks great with sparkly, metallic or brightly coloured accessories. But there are also plenty of other options that look great for a night out. Brightly coloured, beaded, sequined and patterned dresses all look amazing. Usually bold colours like black, white, red and blue look good for going out dresses as they are more noticeable in the lower light levels and less natural light that you get in the evening. For going out pretty much any length of dress goes from the mini to the maxi.

If you are attending an event where formal dress is required, you will usually be expected to wear a long style of evening dress which is quite different to a casual or every day dress as it is made from luxurious fabrics and usually has fitted bodice with a full skirt or a straight style in a draped fabric. A formal dress is the only style of dress that cannot be worn for lots of different occasions.

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What Dress For What Occasion
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