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FIFA 17 - Scripting and Bad Game Mechanics
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Scripting and bad game mechanics do not rule each other out. Scripting is a go-to band aid to cover up bad game mechanics that otherwise wouldn't work so well from a gameplay perspective.

In the video ( I see two possibilities for the observed ball movement:

1. Its pure coincidence that the ball after making the weird movement due to an erratic physics engine went straight to the attackers foot, it could have gone in any other direction.

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2. It was predetermined that the ball should go to the attacker in this situation. There was probably a certain chance this would occur which possibly depends on the game situation (i.e. like the fact that its the end of the half where dramatic goals should occur). As a result the movement of the ball was not fully simulated, but followed a script.

It's debatable which explanation is more plausible, because the evidence is anecdotal and we'd need more similar data and preferrably a way to gather it in an unbiased way.

But if you seriously argue number 1. then we should be able to gather lots of similar examples showing weird ball movement where the ball goes in random directions. I have my doubts about that to put it mildly.
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FIFA 17 - Scripting and Bad Game Mechanics
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