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28.12.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
New Banner-Remover for ICQ 6.5 Build #2024.
01.12.2009 - ICQ Password Hasher Added by Admin
The tool ICQ 6 Password Hasher was renamed to ICQ Password Hasher because now it works with ICQ 7 too. Also some problems were fixed which occurred at large database files. We added a few Skins for ICQ 6.5 to our download section.
01.11.2009 - ICQ Contact Revealer Added by Admin
After waiting for so long the tool ICQ Contact Revealer is finally released. Find out who has added you on ICQ.
22.10.2009 - ICQ 7.0 Build #1509 Added by Admin
For the new ICQ version ICQ 7.0 Build #1509 a corresponding Banner-Remover is available together with an update (v.1.2) of the Banner-Remover for the previous version (Build #1040). So it is possible to see avatars in ICQ 7 now (at chat and profile window). For more information go to our Forum. In addition the ICQ Update Patch was updated because of some problems with the newest version.
25.09.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The Banner-Remover for ICQ 6.5 Build #1042 was updated again (v.1.3) and some of the ideas for improvement were implemented. For more visit our Forum.
05.09.2009 - CHIP.eu 5 Star Award Added by Admin
Our software ICQ-Banner-Remover was awarded with the 5 star award by CHIP.eu (see on the left). Thanks therefor and to everyone who has voted for us.
15.07.2009 - ICQ Update Patch Added by Admin
After a new forced update to ICQ 6.5 we have expanded the ICQ Update Patch for ICQ 6.0 and 7.0 to use this versions furthermore. Report errors in our Forum please.
08.04.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The Banner-Remover for ICQ 6.5 Build #1042 was updated. Now the applied changes should not be reseted by ICQ any more.
19.03.2009 - ICQ Away Reader Added by Admin
The ICQ tool ICQ Away Reader with its new version 1.4 could be downloaded from our website now.
04.03.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
With the update to ICQ 6.5 Build #1042 the mentioned bug was fixed now. You can find a Banner-Remover for this version in the download area.
26.02.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
New Banner-Remover for ICQ 6.5 Build #1041. After this update the exploit which crashes ICQ still exists.
11.02.2009 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The Banner-Removers for ICQ 6.5 and ICQ Lite 7 were updated so it's possible to hide ICQ in the taskbar now.
14.01.2009 - ICQ Lite 7 Added by Admin
If ICQ Lite 7 brings up the error message "This ICQ version is not available for use in this country." you have to edit the file App.xml (maybe also AppORG.xml) in the subdirectory ...\ConfigFiles\Defaults of ICQ Lite 7 and change the entry 30008 for example to 30007.
07.01.2009 - ICQ Lite 7 Added by Admin
For the new ICQ Lite 7 (ICQ Lite 1.0 Build #1040) a Banner-Remover could be found on our page.
06.01.2009 - Password Generator Added by Admin
Our Password Generator comes in the new version 2.0 with a lot of additional features.
Last Update: 31.07.2021
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