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14.12.2006 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The first real Banner-Remover for ICQ 6 is available now.
23.11.2006 - ICQ UIN Backup Added by Admin
The tools UIN Ignore Checker (UIC) and ICQ Info And Password Changer were taken out of the page. New are ICQ UIN Backup, the poll and some links.
11.11.2006 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
After some requests there is a Banner-Remover version for the special ICQ versions Atlas, ProSieben and Sat.1.
27.09.2006 - Skins Added by Admin
Now all Skins are available for ICQ Lite 5.1, too.
11.09.2006 - Forum change Added by Admin
The old forum was finally replaced by a new one. Additional updates will follow.
07.09.2006 - Support Added by Admin
We ask everyone who wants to support us to donate or download and install the Firefox over our button (see left below). So this page survives in future. Thanks!
03.09.2006 - ICQ Password Recovery Added by Admin
A new version of the tools ICQ Password Recovery (successor for ICQ Password Stealer) and ICQ Smiley Changer Lite are online.
03.08.2006 - Guestbook Added by Admin
Because of some specialists who only use the guestbook for questions, we will delete this entries without any comments and we do not answer a questions there anymore. Why do we have a forum!?
15.07.2006 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The Banner-Remover for ICQ Lite 5.10 Build #3000 caused some graphical problems, which should not occur any more. In case of need ICQ has to be reinstalled.
01.07.2006 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The annoying click sounds which came with the use of the Banner-Removers are now gone by an update of the concerned Banner-Removers. Just patch again.
04.06.2006 - ICQ Font Changer Added by Admin
Wished by many users the ICQ Font Changer works now with ICQ Lite 5.10 Build #2405 too. If you find bugs please report us. This also applies for the other tools.
11.05.2006 - ICQ-Banner-Remover Added by Admin
The frequently requested Banner-Remover for ICQ Lite 5.1 is now available, as well as an update of the programs MailCue and SendMail.
17.04.2006 - Amalgamation Added by Admin
In the section programs you can find now the Statistical Calculator and in the ICQ-Special some new tools. Regarding the ICQ-Special we amalgamated with www.icq-tools.de and www.icq-help.de so please ask your questions which are not related to our stuff in their forum. But nevertheless our ICQ-Special will be updated and extended in future.
04.03.2006 - New programs Added by Admin
Two new programs are ready to download on our website by now: MailCue and WinStayer. In addition the ICQ-Special was expanded one more time.
Last Update: 31.07.2021
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